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SUPERIOR, AMERICAN MADE - QUALITY WRENCHES SINCE 1882  - Williams wrenches are engineered to withstand the demanding needs of industrial environments.  From it's first factory in Red Hook, New York, Williams introduced a line of Super Tools including the Superrench!  Our extensive line fo wrenches include double head upen end, high visibility, double head ratcheting box, hammer, 30 degree service, offset stuctural box, double head offset box end, stubby, racheting flare nut, double head flare nut, offset combination, reversible racheting combinsation, SuperCombo wrenches and more to cover a wide varity of heavy-duty applications.


PROPER TORQUE - In industrial applications proper torque is important for safety, reliability and performance.  Every manufacturer whether in fleet maintenance, power generation, oil and gas, etc. specifies critical fastener torque for important reasons.  Under and over tightening critical fasteners can lead to product failure.  Product failure means downtime, higher costs, potential injury and more.



QUALITY PRODUCTS. WIDE SELECTION.  - Williams hydraulics offers a wide range of products including cylinders (pull, single & double acting, flat body, aluminum, lock nut, hollow hole, threaded hole and low profile), pumps (hand, double acting, air, gas, electric (with solenoid valve, with auto return valve, with pendant switch), diesel) , 55T and 100T shop presses, toe jacks, mini jacks, side pump bottle jacks, spreaders and 4T and 10T maintenance kits.


SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Engineered attachment points don’t interfere with the functionality of the tools.

BEAT THE STATISTICS - The Tools@Height System tethers each tool with its own lanyard, minimizing exchanges and reducing the likelihood of drops.

MINIMIZE RISK - Independent tethering allows a tool to be removed and returned to its holster with one hand so the user can maintain the critical “three points of contact” when working at height.

RETAIN CONTROL - Our modular approach allows you to configure tools and holsters to your needs.

LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS - We will work with you to determine your drop prevention needs and provide a complete system to help your workers work safely and efficiently.

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