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Founded in 1856, Mayhew Steel Products (Mayhew Tools) is the oldest punch and chisel manufacturer in the United States. Grown from a small tool house to the industry leader, there’s only one thing that hasn’t changed—Mayhews dedication to quality, reliability, and craftsmanship. 



Because your job is tough, real tough, we build tools that are tougher. MayhewPro tools are made for the tight tolerances, constant use, and unique applications specific to your line of work. Backed by a lifetime warranty*, the MayhewPro Series is guaranteed to stand up to the daily punishment of a busy shop, making it the professionals’ first choice for professional-grade equipment. Our MayhewPro Series features:

  • Premium finishes for additional protection

  • Extra machining for tighter tolerances

  • Lifetime warranty*


It might not be your profession, but it certainly is your passion. And you deserve to have tradesman-specific tools that help you get the job done right. Since 1856, Mayhew has been the tool of choice for industry professionals whose livelihoods depend on the day-to-day performance and reliability of their tools. And our MayhewSelect Series is for those individuals who take their car or home repair projects just as seriously, offering a complete line of mechanical and tradesman-specific tools.


Mayhew Tools started to explore racing sponsorships in 2016. A win-win strategy for not only getting their tools into the hands of automotive professionals, but capitalizing on increased brand awareness, while simultaneously building successful racing partnerships. 


Call or visit us to browse or ask any questions you may have. We have a full catalog you are welcome to look at.

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